Information for Day Camp Staff

What do I need to do/know Before Camp:

  1. Complete the 60 minute Day Camp Staff Training using the button above.
  2. Need to Register Online > Activities > Day Camp > Blue Button
  3. Need to complete BSA Medical Form > Activities > Day Camp > Red Button
  4. All Adults over 18 years old > Youth Protection Training
  5. No staff should be using their cell phone during camp unless for emergency. No texting, surfing, playing.
  6. An expectation of professionalism, kindness, and overall good behavior is mandatory.
    • Note for youth: Camp is not for flirting/interacting/hanging/texting with others .
  7. Be prepared to pack out your own trash each day.
  8. All activities are prepared and ready before camp, not during camp.
  9. Learn emergency procedures, and be prepared to help evacuate people to the barn if need be.
  10. Eat breakfast every day before you come even if you don’t usually eat breakfast. You will need it.
  11. Bring yourself a snack that won’t melt in the sun each day if you need it.
  12. Wear comfortable clothes
  13. Wear closed toed shoes with socks (no flip flops, sandals, crocs, etc)
  14. Bring a water Bottle
  15. Apply sunscreen and chapstick before you come to camp. Freshen it up at lunch.

What to know At Camp:

  1. Arrive close to 7:00am if possible, 7:30am at the latest
    • Youth and Adults are expected to report to your area and setup for the day. You will take down at the end of the day too.
    • You may participate in the large meetings if everything is ready.
    • Have a plan to have help taking up and down the canopies in your area if applicable.
  2. Check in and out at registration
    • Staff have their own registration table.
  3. First class of 6 periods starts at 8:55.
  4. Parking:
    • Park in General Lot (far out)
    • Staff may drive to their area, unload if need be, and then park in general parking. Do not park near the barn or in program areas (exception for shooting sports so we can lock guns and archery in car)
  5. Come to the barn for lunch
    • Please take a reasonable portion so everyone can have food.
    • We buy for 3 days, so please don’t help yourself to what may appear to be “extra”
    • Staff can buy stuff at the trading post
    • Note for trading post: will need to take lunch before or after because during will be busy
  6. All materials should be secured overnight in the barn, or tied down. Take tables down at night and leave flat on ground.
  7. On Thursday, we all clean up our own areas first, and then pitch in for the greater good.