Information for Parents


The 2 Very Most Important Things to Know and Do For Day Camp…

1. Please make sure that prior to camp, and each day of camp that your Cub Scout drinks an abundance of water (not any other liquid drink), as close to 64oz per day.  Yes, that is a lot of water.

2. Also, make sure that your child has plenty of sunscreen on each day and re-applies it at lunch time. All you have to do to be dehydrated in Colorado is to breathe.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, How of Cub Scout Day Camp?


bsalogo Who goes to camp?

  • All Cub Cub Scouts (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos & 11 year old Scouts) in Traditional BSA Units, and LDS BSA Units.
  • Cub Scout Day Camp Staff.  Adults and youth who plan, staff, teach, and run the Day Camp.
  • Adult Walking Group Guides who volunteer to escort Cub Scouts throughout Day Camp.
  • Children of Camp Staff and Walking Group Guides ages 3-11 in the Mini-Camp and Tot Lot (on site day care service) for non Cub Scouts.

bsalogo What is Day Camp?

Please visit our “What is Day Camp?” page.

bsalogo When is Day Camp?

Pioneer Trails District 2019 Day Camp is June 12,13, 2019.  Day Camp starts at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm, and we suggest arrival at Camp between 7:30am-7:45am each morning.  If you work your way back in time from driving to Polson Ranch in Sedalia, meeting Walking Group Guides at designated meeting point, you can guesstimate what time your son needs to be up and ready for camp.  Don’t worry, we guarantee that they will come home tired and exhausted.  Guaranteed to get a great night sleep…and in bed early!

We will end Day Camp early on any day with in-climate weather or any other emergency situation, and walking Group Guides will return your Cub Scouts home safely.  We also have a designated emergency evacuation point in the case camp must be evacuated.  The primary location for emergency evacuation is the Lowe’s Parking Lot near the Castle Rock Outlet Stores.

bsalogo Where is Day Camp?

Day Camp is located at Polson Ranch in Sedalia, Colorado on a private ranch owned by Doug and Mary Polson.  They have donated their land, property, and resources at no (0) charge to the Boy Scouts of America for the last 12+ years.

5475 Douglas Avenue
Sedalia, CO 80135

  1. Take US-85 Santa Fe Drive either Northbound or Southbound to Sedalia, CO.
  2. Follow Santa Fe Drive to the main light in Sedalia, and then turn South onto CO-67 Manhart St.
  3. Cross the railroad tracks.
  4. Take the 2nd right after the 2nd set of railroad tracks onto Douglas Avenue. You will see the Cub Scout Day Camp banner.  If you pass the Post Office you have gone too far.  Go through the gate and park in the designated parking area.

bsalogo Is Special Needs Parking Available?

We will offer a limited number of “Special Needs” parking permits near the barn.  If you have a Cub Scout that you believe needs this special parking, please send an email to to explain your unique need and request a parking pass.  Please note  there is a very very limited number of passes available so please make sure a real need exists.  Requests will be evaluated and ranked based on the needs of each Cub Scout.  Based on previous years, we are anticipating these special parking passes will only be required for 3 or 4 boys.

bsalogo Why Day Camp?

  • We promote and emphasize the 12 points of the BSA Law.
  • We promote fun and adventure with a purpose – the reasons why Cub Scouts join the program, why they remain Cub Scouts, and why they move on to BSA.
  • We strengthen den and pack organizations for better year round operation and a fun method of recruiting. Also, we provide continuation of the Cub Scout program
    during the summer with an opportunity for units to earn the National Summertime Pack Award and to work toward qualifying for the Journey to Excellence Award.
  • We meet individual Scout’s needs and interests by offering a meaningful and educational Scouting program.

If you have other questions, check our FAQ’s page, or Contact Us.