group_guideWhat is a Walking Group Guide?

A Walking Group Guide is an adult designated to guide and escort groups of Cub Scouts throughout Day Camp to all of the designated activities of the day. The Walking Group Guide is either a Cub Scout Leader, a Parent or Guardian, or other trusted adult. Their primary responsibilities are:

  • To keep Cub Scouts safe and healthy
  • To support the Day Camp Staff at various activities
  • To uphold the rules of Day Camp and be responsible as the eyes and ears of the Day Camp Director.

bsalogo Requirements:

bsalogo Rockin’ the Ratio:

We recommend you designate 1 Adult Walking Group Guide for every 5 Scouts (but you can use a ration of 1:8 if you feel it will work for your pack).  We designate 2 different types of Walking Group Guides (Cubs and Webelos) because there are 2 simultaneous tracks at camp going at the same time, one track for Cubs and one track for Webelos.  We do that so there are age appropriate activities for different age Scouts.

  • 1:5 (recommended), 1:8 (Required) Ratio of Walking Group Guides to Cub Scouts (Wolves and Bears)
  • 1:5 (recommended), 1:8 (Required) Ratio of Walking Group Guides to Webelos Scouts (Webelos)


# of Boys in Pack Recommended
# of Walking Group Guides
# of Walking Group Guides
Cubs Webelos Cubs Webelos Cubs Webelos
5 5 1 1 1 1
8 4 2 1 1 1
11 11 3 3 2 2
16 16 4 4 2 2

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